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While I support your position, it is unfortunate that signs like the one in this news article are so contradictory to the idea of self supporting populations.

You are absolutely correct about the need for partnerships between the public and private sectors at the local level. It does not happen enough.

Lucien Canton

You raise another issue that I think is worthy of discussion. Over the years we have conditioned people to think that it the responsibility of the government to make them whole after disaster. Compare the first relief legislation in 1790 that merely relieved victims of taxes to the wide range of services we now offer. We have also been the victim of our success to where people think we can solve problems overnight.

While there are some problems where government must take the lead, the are almost always complex issues of overlapping jurisdictions. The fuel issue is a case in point where you have private corporations with the ultimate responsibility for providing the fuel but dependent on local government restoration of infrastructure.


Hence the need for good comprehensive emergency management that includes partnering with the private sector (interpreted by me as business, non-profits, and faith based organizations). Too often I still see emergency mangers taking the "its not my job" appraoch to partnerships. Emergency management should include community organizer as a required skill.

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